Thomas Lowry's Ghost
Thursday, May 5th at the CC Club!!

Because I’m a white male, thus have lording power over all of you, I am pleased to announce that the next Minneapolis Tumblr meet-up will be at the CC Club (2600 Lyndale) on Thursday May 5th.

I don’t think it’s necessary to have Tumblr swag or anything like that (if someone wants to bring some, however, that’s cool).  I’d figure since the CC has such a kick-ass jukebox, karaoke doesn’t really have to be to be in the mix.  We can rock out to “Master Of Puppets” or “Okie From Muskogee” or “Regulate” and still hear how awful all of our voices are. 

There’s a parking lot just south of the bar for those of you that are driving, so you won’t have to deal with meters or all that commuter jazz.  They serve food all night, and I’ll try and get there early enough to procure the area near the pool table, which has a lot of seating. 

And if it sucks, guess what?  The Bulldog is right across the street!  Hope y’all can come out.  If anyone has any serious objections to the time and place, please let me know. 

BTW: I was informed that I neglected to establish a time.  I’m thinking about 6 or 7.  Either way, I’ll be sh*t-faced by the time you get there.  (not really)